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By: hiralove | September 23, 2016

Pregnancy is the period of both physical and mental transformation. For most of the women, it becomes the most memorable journey of her life. Whereas for some women, it is stressful to find a positive homemade pregnancy test with sugar. Such unplanned pregnancies disturb the balance and become a big challenge to deal with.

There are various reasons abide by, which a woman may not want to get pregnant such as:

*She may not be mentally or economically ready to take a baby's responsibility.

*She may be concerned that because of the baby she will have to sacrifice her career or she will lose her independent lifestyle.


Whatever the reason may be this article is written to help her to deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

Step 1- Try to relax because under stress you won't be able to take a proper decision. Try breathing exercises for a few minutes. Drink water and talk to your partner. Share your feeling and thoughts with him. Also, ask him about what he feels about it. If you do not have a partner or in the case your partner is being disrespectful talk to your close friends. You may also discuss your situation with your mother and sisters. However, the most important thing is to choose a person who listens to you, do not judge you, may advise you but give you space to take your decisions.

Step 2. If you and your partner are both are unwilling to continue the pregnancy  meet your gynecologist  and talk about the options.

Step 3. If in case the decision of you and your partner varies, it is better to seek counselling. This will help you to take a proper decision. Sometimes after a successful counseling you may find that it is not the pregnancy that is worrying you, but the issues in your relationship need proper attention. 

Meet a counselor, even if you have already taken a decision to avoid future regrets. The counselor will help you to reflect upon the decision and options. 

If you are sure that you do not find yourself emotionally connected to the baby, but still you are continuing the pregnancy because or moral or religious reason or If you are messed up between right and wrong counseling will  help you to sort out the mixed feelings you are facing.

Always remember to make a healthy family and for proper growth and development of the baby, there should be an emotional attachment with your baby.

The most important thing is not to take any decision in haste. It is possible that you may with time develop an attachment with the baby. But also remember as a mother you will be the primary caregiver of your baby. So at the end, you are the one most affected by your decisions.

Unwanted and unintended pregnancies if continued have a negative impact on both physical and mental health. So if you strongly feel that it is not the right time for you to have a baby and you won't be able to take adequate care of the baby then put your points clearly. Your partner, family members and your doctor will understand you. Still if you feel lonely or unsupported seek professional help.

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